NicheVision Forensics Division


ChimeraHID™ Is Army Strong
ChimeraHID™ originated from software developed and validated by the US Army Crime lab (USACIL) for robust and reliable DNA analysis and mixture deconvolution in forensic casework such as sexual assault samples, or mixed blood stains involving up to three contributors. Since its installation at the Army Crime Lab the software has been used to process tens of thousands of casework samples.

In September 2010, NicheVision began commercialization of the forensic software (ArmedXpert) under a worldwide exclusive license from the US Army. In April 2011, NicheVision Biosciences, LLC developed ChimeraHID™ a customized version specific for bone marrow engraftment monitoring that leverages the sophisticated allele calling algorithms, stability and accuracy of the forensic product.

Flexible System Compatibility

  • ChimeraHID™ can be deployed as standalone application, local server or web-server.
  • Networked via Microsoft SQL (32-bit/64bit) or full non-network operation.
  • Supporst Windows PC's (7, XP, Vista, and Server Editions 32-bit/64bit)

Flexible Architecture

  • Customizable security that allows administrator to define security levels for access to parameter settings, sample data, and software functionally.
  • Log audits all actions taken on system by user.
  • Unlimited number of samples, ladders and controls, can be imported per run.
  • Selection feature allows user to instantly identify and separate specific samples, ladders, or controls, within runs.

ChimeraHID™ combination of speed, accuracy, and flexibility even with the most difficult multi-cord samples, and powerful reporting tools and stutter filters are revolutionizing traditional methods for chimerism STR analysis and quantification.