ChimeraHID™ Key Features

Key Features Include:

  • One-step import from ABI GeneMapper ID/ID-X, GeneScan/Genotyper tables.
  • Imports data from any commercial PCR amplification kit including: Identifiler, Identifiler Plus, PowerPlex 16, Profiler/COfiler.
  • One-click selection of recipient and donor samples.
  • Patent-pending algorithms that instantly determine the number of informative alleles and calculate the percent of chimerism by loci and in total for recipient and up to two donors.
  • Automatically accounts for full stutter or user adjustable percent of full stutter.
  • Automatically calculates mixing proportion for 2-peak locus with one shared allele.
  • Robust tools for double-cord and multi-linage analysis for up to five cell types.
  • Instantly prepares customizable reports for printing or export to lab informative system.
  • Maintains patient database history for longitudinal analysis.
  • Extensive QA/QC checks verify integrity of imported data.
  • Option for manual review and override of allele calls.

Finally...instant and accurate results with no manual calculations or transferring data from one program to another.