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Import all your your entire presentation of images with a few clicks:
No Need to Resize Images Individually!

Today, the variety of digital microscope cameras have allowed presentations to be filled with photos to help describe clinical and research casework. While you no longer have to develop film, creating the final PowerPoint® presentation can be time consuming. prEZentation™ will bridge the gap between microscope photography and presentation by automating the tedious work of image placement into PowerPoint®.

Cut your slide show preparation time by more than 60%!!

PowerPoint® is the most popular tool for presentations, yet it lacks basic time saving tools for the optimal presentation of microscope images. Displaying your photos at full screen, edge to edge generally provides the best contrast yet most images insert full scale requiring tedious resizing as well as repetitive steps to create an entire presentation. prEZentation™ removes time consuming effort by allowing you to select, easily order, and export your entire presentation with a few clicks.

The Incredibly User-Friendly But Powerful
prEZentation™ Software Allows You To:

  • Insert entire folders of images directly into PowerPoint® without the laborious and time-consuming combination of creating new slides, inserting, and resizing.
  • Set the presentation order quickly through the easy to use list displaying both the filename and photo. Images can be removed to optimize slide show length.
  • Export to PowerPoint® with one click of the mouse – recognizing images of numerous formats including JPG, BMP, GIF, and DI-COM, or in lossless formats such as TIFF, JPEG2000, and RAW.

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*Software designed and tested for Windows XP and Microsoft PowerPoint (versions 2000, 2003, 2007+)

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