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Immediately capture images like this . . .without changing camera settings or post-processing! using a Canon Digital SLR and our new rEZolution™ image-capture software.

(At a Fraction of the Cost of Most Microscope Imaging Cameras)

Capture exactly what you see through your eyepieces with one click:
No Expensive Cameras, No Post-Processing, No Complicated Software!

The combination of a Canon EOS DSLR high-grade camera electronics and rEZolution™’s state-of-the-art advanced software, designed to specifically meet the needs of microscopy imaging, create an unparalleled powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable image capture system.

The system’s true FULL-screen LIVE view, crisp 12 MP resolution, publishing-quality color reproduction (with no post-processing), one-step annotation tools, one-step capture of 12 MP images in over 140 formats, all at very affordable prices, are unparalleled in the microscopy imaging industry.

Leverage Incredible Canon Image Quality And Unique Features

Canon has long been known for manufacturing cameras with stunning image quality. The new Canon Rebel Xsi is no exception, with a 12MP sensor that produces high-definition detail at 30 FPS – even with the live display zoomed in using a 2x objective. Canon’s high-sensitivity technology creates richly detailed images ideal for presenting salient features in diagnosis. 

The Incredibly User-Friendly But Powerful 
rEZolution™ Software Allows You To:

  • Capture any image exactly as you see it through the microscope without all the agonizing changes in camera settings, or laborious and time-consuming post-processing.
  • Control every available camera setting through the software including control over RAW image variables such as white balance, dynamic range, exposure compensation, and color tone.
  • Say "goodbye" to PhotoShop® Within rEZolution™ you can set your own default colors, sizes, and fonts for easy annotation without the hassle of having to open multiple software packages.
  • All annotations are adjustable with no limits on settings such as color or size (arrows, micron bars, labels, etc.).
  • View a FULL screen LIVE view with crisp 12MP resolution. What’s the point of a “live view” if you can’t display it full screen or magnify without just seeing pixels instead of salient image features?
  • Save the 12MP image instantly with one click of the mouse – and in numerous formats including JPG, BMP, GIF, and DI-COM, or in lossless formats such as TIFF, JPEG2000, and RAW.
  • Capture in various reduced-pixel formats (in total over 140 formats are supported) for easy storage in the LIMS system.
  • Store files automatically, using user-defined naming systems, as compressed 12MP JPEGs for quickly generating reports, along with RAW 14-bit color formatting for later publication.

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Written From The Ground Up Specifically For Microscopy!

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