NicheVision Forensics Division

NV Forensics

Crime labs through out the US are experiencing unprecedented number of requests for DNA analysis screening and processing. Many labs are reporting 40-100% increases per year, and this growth is expected to continue.

To assist labs combat this unrelenting demand we offer the following technologies to significantly increase DNA thoughput:

KPICS SpermFinder™ automates biology screening with a confirmatory procedure that preserves evidence, has no recurring costs, and in most cases requires little if any changes to your current protocol.

ArmedXpert™ is a complete case management tool that automates interpretation and documentation of DNA results for up to three-contributor mixtures in a fraction of the time. Supported by patent-pending and validated algorithms developed by the US Army crime lab, this easy-to-use tool not only significantly reduces the time required for manual interpretation, but also uses simple, validated mathematics easily explained in court.

Learn how to significantly increase casework productivity and maximize the time and skills of lab technicians with our exclusive forensic tools.