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Is Demand for Forensic DNA Analysis Skyrocketing In Your Lab?

ArmedXpert™ Is The Ultimate DNA Analysis Tool
For Balancing Unrelenting Demand

Increases in qualifying offenses requiring DNA database submission and increases in general for DNA analysis have placed unprecedented demands on crime labs worldwide.

Advances in robotics, pipetting workstations, multicapillary instrumentation, and multiplex single amplification chemistry have significantly increased the processing throughput, however, in many cases the bottleneck has shifted from processing to interpretation.

ArmedXpert™ is a complete DNA case management tool specifically designed to streamline the DNA interpretation process. Robust enough to deconvolute up to 3-contributor mixtures, the software further excels in ease-of-use and ease of customization for each lab’s individual validated thresholds and protocols.

Learn how, by using ArmedXpert™, an analyst can complete a full documented interpretation in minutes instead of hours (including up to 3-contributor), while reducing the chance of transcription and math errors often associated with manual tasks.

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