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ArmedXpert™ How It Works

Finally, One Integrated, Powerful and Affordable DNA Analysis and Interpretation Tool

ArmedXpert™ significantly streamlines casework efficiency empowering analysts with one integrated tool to proceed from GeneMapper®, or GeneMapper® ID/IDX files through control checks, QA/QC checks, matching, mixture interpretation, statistics, and preparation of Codis entry while generating complete documentation of each step in the process.

ArmedXpert™ is incredibly robust instantly providing all mathematically possible genotype combinations (including for 3-contributor mixtures) loci by loci, that fit individual labs validated thresholds for PH, PHr, proportions, stutter, and stochastic effects. The tool automatically calculates PopStats concordant statistics for generated profiles including Single Source, CPI/CPE and Likelihood ratios.

ArmedXpert™ analytical and documentation tools instantly help labs strengthen compliance with the 2010 SWGDM Interpretation Guidelines for Autosomal STR Typing.

ArmedXpert™ reduces potential transposition and mathematical errors frequently associated with manual tasks.

Learn how other forensic labs throughout the US are significantly reducing the amount of time analysts spend on DNA analysis, interpretation and documentation with one integrated and affordable tool!