ArmedXpert™ Demo

ArmedXpert™ Top 10 Benefits

  • Reduce opportunities for transcription and math errors
  • Streamline DNA mixture analysis into one fully integrated solution
  • It’s validated, simple to use, and affordable.
  • Assists with compliance with new SWGDAM mixture guidelines 
  • Instantly check, ladders, controls, and performs QA/QC checks.
  • Instantly perform matching within an individual case, among cases, identify foreign alleles, and compare results to staff profiles
  • Provides easily printed documentation of each interpretation step performed
  • Automatically evaluates all potential genotypes for up to three person contributor samples, providing the analyst with a full list of the only mathematical possible combinations that meet lab’s defined thresholds for peak height ratios, minimum peak height, and minimum proportions, etc.
  • Interpret up to three contributor samples loci by loci and deduce suspect profiles with only the victim’s reference (if available)
  • Provides Popstats concordant statistics for potential suspect(s) using CPE/CPI and Likelihood ratio