ArmedXpert™ Demo

ArmedXpert™ Validated History

ArmedXpert™ was originally developed by the Unites States Army Crime Lab (USACIL) in Atlanta, Georgia to streamline their DNA casework processing.
The software has been validated by the Army crime lab and is used daily for casework for each and every case by over 40 examiners.

Previously known as “DNA_Data Analysis” the software has been frequently demonstrated at professional meetings and referenced in professional literature but was not available for commercial release until September of 2010 when NicheVision Forensics, LLC was granted an exclusive worldwide license to commercialize the technology.

The software provides full-case management features including:

  • QA/QC checks (ladders, controls, staff profiles, etc)
  • Matching (within case, among cases, etc)
  • Mixture interpretation (up to 3-contributor samples, stutter check, etc)
  • Full Statistics (RMP, CPE/CPI, LR)
  • Full documentation of interpretation (every screen is printable)
  • Profile preparation for CODIS entry

The technology is patent-pending, easily customized for each individual’s lab validated thresholds and protocols, and offered at a price that is affordable by all laboratories.