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Mixture Interpretation in Minutes

Stop Time Consuming and Error Prone Genotype Calculations
ArmedXpert™ calculates and displays the only mathematically possible genotypes from all the potential (including up to three contributors) based on your lab's individual validated thresholds and any allowable applied references.


Elminate Complicated Statistical Calculations
ArmedXpert™ instantly calculates SWGDAM statistics assuring results that incorporate all the data available in each sample.

Calculated statistics include:

  • Random Match (RMP - Modified, Restricted & Unrestricted)
  • Likelihood Ratios (Restricted and Unrestricted)
  • Single Source and relatedness


Eliminate Time Consuming Data Comparisons
ArmedXpert™ can easily import, create, and manage an unlimited number of tables and databases of any size facilitating powerful comparisons between samples, references, and databases including:

  • Samples to staff profiles
  • Questioned samples to other questioned samples
  • Automatically identify alleles foreign to known references and compared to questioned samples to determine exact or inclusive matches


  Streamline Organizing Documentation & Writing Case Reports
Every result on any ArmedXpert™ screen including matching, statistics, deduced profiles, reports, etc., can be instantly printed or saved in any format to document your interpretation results and rationale for decisions. This significantly organize and facilitates writing the case report.


Reduce Laborious Tasks Related to Validation and Proficiency Tests
ArmedXpert™ includes reporting features to track Peak Height Ratio Average for your instrument and kits QA and Validations. With a simple import data, reports that would usually take days to generate can be instantly prepared at a click of your mouse. ArmedXpert™ includes reporting features that automatically transcribe allele calls and additional information onto Proficiency Test Forms eliminating manual entry, while saving valuable time and opportunities for data transcription errors.