NicheVision Forensics Division

KPICS SpermFinder™

Find More Sperm With Less Time And Effort…Without Compromising Accuracy.

Introducing KPICS SpermFinder™
The Only Fully Automated, Field-Proven, Patent-Pending
Sperm-Finding System On The Planet

KPICS SpermFinder™ is an ingenious combination of a powerful Intel quad-core computer crunching through 200,000 calculations per second, patent-pending algorithms, and an encoded next-generation motorized microscope to create an unprecedented and completely automated sperm-finding solution that is field-proven in forensic lab casework.

KPICS SpermFinder™ excels in the most difficult and time-consuming searches, including sperm densities of 1+ or less, and regardless of the amount of surrounding debris including epithelial cells, white blood cells, bacteria, yeast and other fragments.

KPICS SpermFinder™ recognizes sperm with or without tails and automatically adjusts for normal variations in over and under-staining, eliminating most potential conflicts resulting from age, pH, and cell secretion.

Don’t take our word for the incredible power of this system. Read this two-page PDF. Then, call us for “The NicheVision Sperm Challenge” kit and validate for yourself the speed, power, and accuracy of the KPICS system. The kit provides all you need to submit challenging test slides and verify first hand what the KPICS SpermFinder™ can achieve for you.

Learn how other forensic labs throughout the US are significantly reducing the amount of time analysts spend on manual sperm searches, while increasing the amount of time they can spend on other forensic duties.