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Sperm Challenge

Wondering If It Works?

NicheVision has patent-pending algorithms that have been in development for several years. The system is successfully used in crime-lab casework. However, the proof is in the pudding, so here’s our offer to you:

If you would like to experience these unparalleled benefits for yourself:

  • Accurately and automatically find more sperm… and faster
  • Eliminate the stress of manual sperm searching
  • Maximize your extractions

We Invite You To Take "The NicheVision Sperm Challenge

Request our Sperm Challenge Kit. Submit any slide with a sperm density of 1+ or less. Within 24 hours we’ll return the slide to you, along with a complete detailed report.

Validate for yourself the incredible accuracy and time savings of the KPICS SpermFinder. Sperm searches no longer have to be painful and time-consuming.

Let The Evidence Speak For Itself
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"Sperm Challenge Kit"