Increases laboratory efficiency through a state-of-the-art sample tracking system and integrated features in forensic DNA laboratories around the world.

Tracking forensic samples throughout the DNA process takes time. Without the right software, it can also lead to errors or inconclusive data, particularly in cases of differential extractions or multiple repeat samples.

Forensic DNA laboratories need a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that supports its operations – and helps produce quicker, more efficient results.

NicheVision’s DNAXpress™ is a state-of-the-art sample tracking and quality management system, trusted by forensic DNA laboratories internationally. With its unique combination of integrated features, DNAXpress™ helps forensic DNA laboratories accurately track its processes at an affordable price.  


  • Batch processing/plate sharing – Virtual sharing that ensures ultimate lab team efficiency
  • Custom processes – Provides real or virtual items, including decontamination and protocol references, that allow laboratories flexibility to create an unlimited number of audit-required and quality-assured tracking routines
  • Comprehensive reagent and instrument tracking matrix – Layered tracking of critical and non-critical reagents for all steps of the DNA process, including manual & robotic extraction, quantification, amplification and detection
  • Custom reporting function (Time slice) – Determines internal and external metrics through data mining of the entire laboratory database
  • Extensive choice of amplification normalization schemes – Allows users to normalize data to a fixed volume, fixed concentration or user-defined percentage of the reaction volume through dynamic normalization
  • Integrated calendar – Allows users to set up key event reminders, including reagent expiration or instrument service requirements; schedule team meetings and reserve laboratory instruments
  • Single user interface – Generates, manages and maintains all instrument templates, ultimately eliminating the need for data entry and preventing transcriptional errors
  • Tree view interface – Provides state-of-the-art visual details of complete sample history, including for fractioned or repeat samples, reducing troubleshooting time and effort
  • Unlimited “cherry picking” – Maximizes workflow accuracy and efficiency by allowing users to easily drag and drop samples from an unlimited combination of plates and processes


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