First software capable of unleashing the power of massively parallel sequencing (MPS) for mixed casework, allowing users to more accurately analyze and interpret mixtures.

Industry experts have referred to massively parallel sequencing as a major breakthrough and the future of DNA analysis sequencing. As this sequencing approach becomes more commonly used in forensic labs, analysts need software that will allow them to adopt this technique. 

 MixtureAce™, developed by NicheVision, is the premier software for MPS. As a plug-in for  ArmedXpert™, MixtureAce™ leverages the same user interface and mixture analysis functionality tools available through ArmedXpert™ – while allowing users to work with the MPS method.

Two of the primary functions of MixtureAce™ are:

  • Analyzes MPS as easily as CE
  • Automatically filters stutter and sequence artifacts, ultimately eliminating drop-in due to sequencer error and lower analytical thresholds for minor contributors 

Overall, the intuitive features and functions of MixtureAce™ are ideal tools for ArmedXpert™ users to understand and transition to MPS data – and interpret more complex DNA data.


  • Simplifies the transition from capillary electrophoresis (CE)-based analysis to MPS analysis through ArmedXpert™
  • Arranges MPS data through CE-equivalent formats, including allele tables and electropherogramic-like graphic displays
  • Provides ArmedXpert™ mixture interpretation functions for MPS data
  • Automatically identifies, labels and filters stutter and non-stutter artifacts, ultimately
  • Files every allele and artifact “call” with “call” explanation through audit trail records
  • Allows users to customize the extent of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplicons analyzed from the Short Tandem Repeat (STR) locus proper to the entire amplicon sequence
  • Labels sequence-based alleles and artifacts through the Sequence Identifier (SID) nomenclature, which can also be used a CE-based allele number nomenclature
  • Provides users with the following tools: allele profile tables, interpretation tool, popout calls tool, hover over tool and more


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(866) 840-3758

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