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For DNA analysis, you want the right tools to help you generate quick, accurate results. NicheVision can help.

At NicheVision Forensics, LLC, we develop and distribute innovative DNA analysis software for forensic laboratories worldwide. Our next-generation products will meet your needs – and help you find the answers you are looking for.

Discover Our Products

STRmix™ is expert forensic software that helps DNA analysts resolve complex DNA mixtures through a fully continuous approach.

DBLR™ uses efficient algorithms to quickly calculate likelihood ratios – enabling users to get more value from DNA evidence. With DBLR™, users can assess the value of their evidence, carry out superfast database searches, determine whether there is a common donor and calculate any kinship relationship conceivable.

FaSTR™ DNA combines a sophisticated and intuitive graphical interface that enables fast and efficient DNA profile analysis and the automated assignment of the number of contributors to a profile. FaSTR™ DNA is fully integrated with STRmix™ to provide a seamless workflow from analysis to interpretation.

As a plug-in for DNA profiling software suites, PACE™, developed by Syracuse University, determines the number of DNA contributors in a sample in a fraction of the time.

DNAXpress™ makes laboratory management efficient and effective by providing state-of-the-art tracking systems and integrated features – ultimately reducing the number of laboratory bottlenecks, human errors and inconclusive data.

Used to process thousands of casework samples worldwide, ArmedXpert™ streamlines the DNA interpretation process, reduces mixture interpretation from hours to minutes – and produces forensic breakthroughs for laboratories everywhere.

As one of the most advanced DNA analysis tools, MixtureAce™ offers massive parallel sequencing to its users – generating accurate, high-resolution interpretations of the most complex DNA mixtures.

NimaGen portfolio of assays include RC-PCR powered IDseek® MPS Library Prep kits for forensics (OmniSTR™, OmniSNP™, mYSTR™, Mito FG, Mito HVR and OmniHap™), along with EasySeq™ NGS Library Prep kits for microbiology (16S ID, 16S Microbiome) and human genetics.

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(866) 840-3758

(866) 840-3758

Why Choose Us

As an industry leader for more than a decade, we know what DNA analysts and forensic laboratories are looking for from a software provider. You want to work with a team that delivers high-quality, cutting-edge resources – and supports you through DNA analysis processes.

We deliver solutions and help meet your needs.

Along with our patent or patent-pending products, we provide trainings and educational materials that will guide you through the most specialized analysis procedures. We also partner with industry experts around the world to ensure that you are using the best, most advanced tools out there.

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