Complete case management DNA analysis solution that streamlines the DNA interpretation process, producing forensic breakthroughs.

Due to the success of DNA testing, the volume of DNA evidence submitted to crime laboratories has increased exponentially worldwide.

To avoid laboratory backlogs and bottlenecks, it is important that crime laboratories have access to software that streamlines the DNA interpretation process, produces forensic breakthroughs and delivers results in a short time frame.

ArmedXpert™ is a complete case management DNA analysis software that, through integrated and easy-to-use features, reduces the mixture interpretation process from hours to minutes. This software, which can deconvolute up to three-contributor mixtures, is customized to meet each laboratory’s specific DNA analysis needs, is compatible with online servers and standalone applications and allows users the threshold to work through the most demanding DNA mixture challenges.

Originally developed and validated by the U.S. Army Crime Lab, ArmedXpert™ has been used to process thousands of casework samples.

ArmedXpert™ performs the following functions:

  • Automatically assigns DNA sample types with no manual data entry required
  • Calculates and displays the only mathematically possible genotypes from all potential genotypes
  • Calculates SWGDAM compliant statistics, including random match, likelihood ratios (LRs), CPE/CPI and single sources
  • Compares sample profile alleles to staff database
  • Creates, imports and manages unlimited tables and databases of any size
  • Integrated powerful matching tools for sample comparison
  • Displays foreign alleles for casework documentation
  • Electronically imports CODIS, eliminating manual entry and ultimately reducing human sampling errors
  • Imports an unlimited number of samples, ladders and controls per run
  • Integrates OSIRIS electropherogram plots
  • One-click checks for accuracy of all ladders and positive and negative controls with quality assurance profiles
  • Organizes data into printable formats, making documentation and case reporting easier for users
  • Provides exact formulas for all statistical calculations


(866) 840-3758

(866) 840-3758


Learn how an analyst can complete a full documented interpretation in minutes instead of hours, while reducing the chance of transcription and math errors often associated with manual tasks.


Validated History

Originally developed by the Unites States Army Crime Lab to streamline their DNA casework processing.
The software has been validated by the lab and is used daily for casework for each and every case by over 40 examiners in this lab alone.

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