Expert forensic software that can resolve previously unresolvable mixed DNA profiles. Developed by global leaders in the field, it uses a fully continuous approach for DNA profile interpretation, resolving complex DNA mixtures worldwide.

Forensic analysts need software that can efficiently and effectively interpret mixed DNA profiles. This software also must be accessible, cutting-edge and trusted by industry leaders.  

STRmix™, developed by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR), uses biological modelling and mathematical processes to resolve complex DNA mixtures. By utilizing likelihood ratios (LRs) to quantify evidence for a hypothesis in a continuous approach, STRmix™ delivers faster, more accurate responses.

STRmix™ has been used to interpret DNA evidence in more than 100,000 cases internationally. It is currently used by 75% of the U.S. forensic analyst market, 70% of the Canadian market, and is now considered the Australian standard for DNA interpretation.

Additionally, there have been at least 22 successful admissibility hearings for STRmix™ in the U.S. STRmix™ also achieved Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) status on the United States Army Network and the Prime Minister’s Science Prize award in 2018.


  • Batch Mode – Runs multiple deconvolutions and other STRmix™ functions in a queue, which allows users to operate workflow sequentially
  • Hd true tester tool – Gives users the ability to perform many specificity tests via computer simulation for individual DNA profiles
  • LR batcher tool – Allows users to calculate multiple LRs from multiple reference inputs to previously run deconvolutions
  • User interface – Provides users with usability and workflow options

STRmix™ also performs the following functions:

  • Combines multiple amplifications of the same DNA extract into one interpretation
  • Carries out familial searches against a database
  • Compares reference DNA profiles
  • Generates configurable reports
  • Enters contributor number range when performing a deconvolution
  • Includes related individuals as alternate propositions in the likelihood ratio
  • Interprets DNA profiling data generated by any autosomal STR profiling kit and from a range of starting template DNA concentrations
  • Password protects default and kit settings
  • Performs calculations suited for a laboratory’s specific settings


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(866) 840-3758

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