Application designed for the rapid calculation of likelihood ratios (LRs) using STRmix™ deconvolutions. 

Database (DB) likelihood ratios (LR) play an integral role in DNA analysis and identification. In order to correctly determine the match statistic when studying a sample, forensic analysts need a tool that provides them with reliable information – at a fast pace.

DBLR™, developed by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR), is an application specifically designed to calculate millions of LRs – in a matter of seconds. Through this application, forensic analysts can identify expected ranges from different hypotheses – and can determine if the sample is suitable for comparison.

In order to calculate LRs efficiently and effectively, DBLR™ is used in conjunction with STRmix™, an innovative forensic software tool also developed by ESR. DBLR™ conducts rapid calculation of LRs using STRmix™ deconvolutions.  Watch a short video introducing DBLR!

DBLR™ performs the following functions:

  • Visualizes the value of DNA mixture evidence by calculating expected LRs for true and non-contributors using randomly generated individuals
  • Achieves quick database searches
  • Undertakes mixture-to-mixture matches
  • Calculates any kinship relationship conceivable (including modelling of linkage, mutation and FST)
  • Assigns Kinship LRs for single source NGS profiles
  • Manages automated searches for one or many DNA profiles against one or many databases of known individuals. Now includes direct matching between databases
  • Calculates thousands of LRs and plots them into a comprehensive diagram
  • Carries out familial searching for a range of different relationships
  • Conducts automated searches for one or multiple DNA profiles against databases of known individuals
  • Determines the profiles of the most likely contributors
  • Directly compares one or many components of a forensic mixture to a database of known individuals
  • Runs on users’ PCs without high-speed computing
  • Searches for common distributors between mixed DNA profiles
  • Uses databases of known contributors and STRmix™ deconvolutions for matching purposes
  • Works with efficient algorithms to generate fast calculations of LRs


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