NimaGen and NicheVision partner to deliver wet-to-dry lab solution for forensic DNA analysis

The collaboration will empower forensic DNA laboratories with a comprehensive DNA sequencing workflow and data analysis approach needed to deliver high-resolution interpretations of the most complex DNA mixtures in forensic casework, enabling accurate evidence-based decision making by justice systems.

Nijmegen, The Netherlands and Akron (OH), USA. NimaGen B.V. and NicheVision Forensics, LLC today announce their partnership to provide forensic DNA laboratories with a combined cutting-edge DNA sequencing and data analysis workflow for human identification, that helps DNA analysts resolve complex DNA mixtures.

The partnership is a distribution and development agreement that grants NicheVision exclusive rights to distribute NimaGen products for forensic DNA analysis in North, Central and South America. The companies will collaborate to commercialize NimaGen’s Reverse Complement PCR powered IDseek® Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) workflow in combination with NicheVision MixtureAce™ expert forensic DNA analysis software; as well as NimaGen brand products (NimaPOP™, NimaPrime™) for Genetic Analyzer based Fragment Analysis.

“By combining NicheVision’s industry leading DNA analysis software with NimaGen’s IDseek® assay performance and unparalleled safe and straightforward workflow, we can accelerate adoption and routine utilization of MPS in forensic law and science. Providing more detailed DNA profiles from limited and complex sample material available and enabling laboratories to keep up with increasing demand.” say Brian Young, Chief Scientist at NicheVision and Pieter van Oers, Senior Manager Business Development Forensics at NimaGen.

“The synergetic product portfolios of both companies create an industry-unique combination of services, that respond to forensic breakthroughs and meet current and future needs of forensic laboratories: confidence in test results, cost-efficient workflows, choice, and flexibility in workload processing. All aimed at continuity of laboratory operations and ensuring customer trust in DNA profiling outcomes.” says Rogier van Otterlo, Chief Commercial Officer at NimaGen.

About NicheVision

NicheVision Forensics, LLC is a dedicated developer and distributor of innovative DNA analysis software for forensic laboratories worldwide, offering the preeminent software solutions for DNA mixture deconvolution of forensic samples tested in the U.S. and Canada, with significant adoption in Central and South America as well.

NicheVision’s MixtureAce™ software, one of the most advanced DNA analysis tools, offers Massively Parallel Sequencing to its users, generating accurate, high-resolution interpretations of the most complex DNA mixtures. Working closely with forensic laboratories and thought leaders, NicheVision places exceptional value on proven but flexible and innovative solutions to assist analysts in the ever-changing field of DNA interpretation. To learn more, visit

About NimaGen

NimaGen B.V., a Netherlands-based Biolegio holding company, is a globally leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of solutions for Next-generation Sequencing (or: Massively Parallel Sequencing), Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis and associated Nucleic Acid Extraction and Clean-up. Its desire to empower the DNA sequencing community is reflected in its slogan ‘’Innovators in DNA Sequencing Technologies’’, aimed at enabling today’s and tomorrow’s laboratories to perform DNA sequencing safer, simpler, more sustainably and autonomously.

Also known as the Reverse Complement PCR (RC-PCR) company, NimaGen offers RC-PCR powered IDseek® MPS Library Prep kits for forensics (OmniSTR™, OmniSNP™, mYSTR™, Mito FG, Mito HVR and OmniHap™), along with EasySeq™ NGS Library Prep kits for microbiology (16S ID, 16S Microbiome) and human genetics. RC-PCR facilitates a revolutionary one closed tube, single reaction MPS library prep workflow with multiplex target amplification, sequencing adaptor addition and sample-specific unique dual indexing all occurring simultaneously. This workflow is as simple as any normal PCR reaction, greatly reducing manual labor and minimizing the risk of pipetting errors, sample swapping or contamination. Moreover, RC-PCR kinetics promote higher sensitivity and specificity. Well-balanced read distributions maximize sequencing instrument flow cell capacity; library clean-up of pooled samples provides additional (cost) efficiencies. To learn more, visit

NicheVision Forensics

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Vice President
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Rogier van Otterlo
Chief Commercial Officer
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FAQs about the NimaGen – NicheVision partnership

Have NicheVision and NimaGen gone into a merger?

No. This is a collaborative partnership to provide forensic laboratories with a streamlined wet-to-dry lab solution for MPS workflows, accelerating the transition from traditional capillary electrophoresis to next-generation sequencing for routine DNA analysis. NicheVision and NimaGen continue to operate as independent companies, but with a shared vision and effort to better support laboratories who rely on detailed DNA profiles from limited and complex sample material available, while having to keep up with an increasing demand for DNA analysis to support unbiased case resolution.

Does this collaboration change how I purchase NimaGen products, when I am already a NimaGen customer?

Yes. The agreement between companies means that NicheVision can sell NimaGen products to both existing and new forensics customers in the Americas. If you are a NimaGen customer in this region and would like to purchase all your NicheVision and NimaGen products through a single supplier, then NimaGen will be ensuring a smooth transition to NicheVision. However, while NicheVision will be processing and invoicing your purchase orders, NimaGen will maintain responsibility for packing and shipping of NimaGen products ordered. If you are in a region where NimaGen currently sells through a channel partner, please contact NimaGen ([email protected]) for more information.

Can I purchase NicheVision products from NimaGen?

No. The agreement between companies does not allow NimaGen to sell NicheVision products. NimaGen will forward MixtureAce™ enquiries to NicheVision, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Will any NimaGen or NicheVision product be discontinued as a result of the partnership?

No. Companies will continue to manufacture and support all existing products.

When I would like to discuss IDseek® data analysis using MixtureAce™ or other DNA analysis software, who should I contact?

You should approach NicheVision for assistance. If you are a NimaGen customer outside of the Americas, but are not using MixtureAce™, please contact your NimaGen representative. Where required, specialist support from both companies will then be coordinated by NimaGen.

If I purchase a NimaGen forensic product in the Americas, who will be responsible for service and support?

NicheVision is responsible for service and support of all NimaGen products sold to forensic laboratories in the Americas. If you are in a region where NimaGen currently sells through a channel partner, please contact NimaGen ([email protected]) for more information.

Who can I contact for additional information?

Please reach out to [email protected] with any additional questions.