About Us

NicheVision Forensics, LLC develops cutting edge software and integrated solutions that automate normally tedious and time-consuming laboratory tasks, so they can be accomplished faster, with less stress and greater accuracy.

We create and distribute the most advanced forensic DNA analysis tools in the world, with hundreds of installations in four separate continents of binary, probabilistic and next-generation sequencing DNA analysis software tools, including STRmix, DBLR™, PACE™, DNAXpress™, ArmedXpert™ and MixtureAce.

All our products are patented or patent-pending and provide exclusive, easy-to-use solutions that alleviate the DNA backlogs experienced by forensics labs worldwide.

Our Philosophy

At NicheVision, we provide software, solutions and training that remove obstacles to determine scientifically-supported truth.

Our clients choose us over other solutions that are time-consuming, difficult to use and subject to human error and inconsistencies.

We have removed these obstacles by consolidating the widest franchise of powerful and proven DNA analysis tools to dramatically improve efficiency, consistency and capacity. This allows any forensic DNA lab in the world to significantly improve their ability to find scientifically-supported truth, even with the most challenging samples.


(866) 840-3758

(866) 840-3758

526 South Main Street
Suite 714-G
Akron, OH 44311

(866) 840-3758

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